Let your Heart Lead

Let your Heart Lead.

I was on a long flight to Chicago the other day, and reflecting on what it means to me to live with passion. This is what came up for me.

DANCING like nobody is watching…

SINGING like it’s the purest and deepest expression of your soul…

LAUGHING till you start crying….

CRYING like it’s a natural expression of joy and pain ….

HUGGING like you want to capture all of the essence of connection in that moment in time…

SMILING like your heart is wide open and is smiling with you too…

SEEING like you are really seeing and feeling from the heart……

STRETCHING out of your comfort zone like it’s the most natural thing to do in life….

DOING something for the pure passion of just doing it….

BEING awed by the beauty of nature and Mother Earth…..

LOVING & experiencing pure joy, passion, intimacy, connection, innocence and gratitude in that…

TOUCHING like it’s the most tender and natural way you show you care……

BREATHING like you are taking in a little LIFE with each breadth you take….

TRUSTING the process of Life….

LIVING like you are absolutely grateful for this brief and incredible gift of LIFE that God granted you……

When we live in the present moment without letting our head get in the way of our heart, this is exactly how we would show up.

I invite you to live with passion today.

– Sheena

December 6, 2014

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