The Path of Least Resistance

Not everything needs to be possessed.

Not every love needs to unify.

Not every whim needs to be met.

Not every dream needs to be realized.

Not every beginning needs to have an ending.

Not every question needs have an answer.

Unfulfilled longings, cravings, wanting, desires, urges, also let-downs, disappointments and grief are amazing doorways to our vulnerability.

It takes us to depth of our core teaching us beauty of form without form, of having but not owning, of holding on and yet letting go. It also shows us the difference between love and attachment.

It stretches us our capacity to hold more than one position at the same time. We can be at peace and also conflicted. We can be grieving and yet experience joy.

Even though I can say that am the same person I was about 20 years ago, I can also confidently say that I have shifted so much over the last 20 years that I am not that same person anymore.

The ‘unfulfilled’ and ‘unrealized’ also breaks down our mental constructs about life and ourselves. It teaches us that we are constantly evolving, we are this and that and everything else. And we will continue to be.

When we make friends with the unknown, we open ourselves to embracing life for what it already is.

Sheena Yusuf
Life & Relationship Coach (CPCC)
Professional Photographer


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