Sweet Memories of my Brother Lasheen – 1

2014-04-02 07.17.03
When we were little kids, and he would be eying the one toy that I was playing with, he had the knack of bribing me. This is how the conversation would go between us.

He: If you let me play with your toy, I will give you anything you ask for.

I: Anything ?

He: Anything !

I (once again) : just about anything ?

He ( confidently) : Yes ! anything you want !

I: What I want is a GOLDEN PALACE

He: Of course, You can have one ! I am going to get you one!

I: Are you sure ?

He: Absolutely !!!!

That is the point, where I would choose to give my toy to him because I just trusted that the Golden palace would be mine soon.

This happened many many times over the years. Every single time I would fall for it.

As we grew up, every now and then I would remind him of my Golden Palace, and he would keep reassuring me that it would be coming soon !

4 years ago he came to me one day, I remember that it was a few days after my birthday.

He said, “I’ve been thinking about it, it’s going to be a long time before I can afford to buy you a golden palace. So, for now, let me give you something I can afford”

And then, he placed my very first iPad in my hands, one of the hundreds of gifts that I received from him.

He was a king at giving gifts, not only did he know what someone would love and want at that point,’there was also drama , suspense, surprise and style in the way he gifted.

That’s Lasheen for you !

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