Cleaning up Messes – Part 2

How many times have we felt the urge to do or say something in a particular situation, have felt so compelled towards it, like it was on the verge of jumping out of us, yet we held back and not acted on it. Of course later regretted it.

I’m sure each of us have done it hundreds of times, if not more. The right way of doing something, the fear of creating a mess or not knowing know to clean up a mess once we created it, has
caused us to live a toned down version of our lives, like a badly photocopied version of ourselves. We don’t our get skin in the game enough. We just stand on the sidelines and let life happen to us.We go about our life and activities at half capacity or less.

The fear of creating a mess and the “what ifs” holds us back so much that we haven’t experienced ourselves fully yet, we don’t know what we are capable of, We aren’t even aware of the power within us.

What we then end up doing, is acting out our lives from within the invisible boundaries or limits that we have created for ourselves. Also based fears on preconceived imaginary fears.

We fear the parts of us that we aren’t in touch with. We then end up creating our lives and relationships that are half baked. It like a feeling of knowing there is no much more within us, but not being able to tap into it.

I have a invitation for each of us including myself !

I invite you to create a mess, to push your boundaries to the point that it feels like you have crossed it and have done the things you wouldn’t do or haven’t done until then. I invite you to make some mistakes, act on some of those urges that come to you !

This was a new phrase that I learnt at my leadership program – “In order to calibrate you have to exaggerate”. Fear not, for we are only exaggerating the limited version of ourselves.

So let’s go ahead, build that muscle, keep pushing our limits and keep exaggerating

For the sake what you might ask ?

For the sake of living life fully, to it’s full potential and capacity, to feel fully alive, and be able to create more in our worlds. To live a limitless life !!!

The “purpose”, the “driving force” and the “compelling calling” behind our acting on an urge is really important because that’s what we will be drawing strength from, when things get messy, that is what will help us stay, recover & help us clean up the mess.

This is not to say that we just get out there and act on all of those urges.

There is a great line that I heard in one of the Spider-man movies – “With Great power comes Great Responsibility”

For now, let’s get in touch with our power, let’s feel power within ourselves, for when we do, we have have not other choice than to take responsibility for our actions, and cleaning up our messes.

Let’s create some messes for the sake of cleaning up bigger messes

One interesting metaphor to explain this is – if we want to your clean up and reorganize our book shelf, hard or impossible to do it pulling them apart, taking them out and starting again, checking out what fits, what doesn’t, what we want to throw away, what we wanna donate, what we want to keep and how we want it to look.

Read these instructions before you try them at home 🙂

If you have not been on a journey of self transformation & exploration before, do know that is not easy to do it by yourself. What if you are in that place to act on all your urges? And you end up biting off more than you can chew? It can be a hard, lonely, unfamiliar and scary road to explore this path by yourself unless you have some sort of support system of a Life coach, counsellor or others who are on a similar journey.

As I write this, I know I have friends and family who have been on a similar journey and I am also doing a year long leadership program, so I have a huge support system to hold me while I walk through this process.

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