The Golden IFs

Every now and then we get pulled in different directions. Life gets in the way, we get sucked into a downward spiral and soon we get stuck.

These are a few questions we can ask ourselves so that we can create from ourselves. Soon we will find our way back into love, into our strength and into ourselves.

If I were not afraid….
If I trusted myself completely….
If I played fully…….
If I was doing my best this moment …..
If I was in love with myself, all of myself…….
If I was trusted the process….
If I was filled with love for myself and you……
If I dint have anything stopping me …….
If I was sure of myself ………
If I believed it was okay to fail…..
If my heart was open…….
If I had the courage to step into the unknown…….
If I knew my worth……..
If I wasn’t worried about how I came across…..
If I was my biggest champion……
If I was on my team……
If I believed that the universe had my back…….
If I believed in magic…
If I trusted God was on my side ?

What would I do this moment? How would I be this moment ?

That’s the way to be and do THIS MOMEMT

I believe that we will never reach that stage of perfection of moving past all the “ifs” that I have mentioned here. I personally I am not working towards that myself. 

We are human, the doubts, fears and whatever else the ego brings will always creep up. The key is how to move ahead in spite of that, rather than waiting get rid of all of it. The key is the recover and keep recovering, when we fall, because WE WILL FALL, Its how well we do that dance before and after the fall that matters. And even to know that the fall is actually a part of that dance. 

These questions, I see them as beautiful perspectives that help up look beyond where we are, when we do get stuck. They help us see, imagine a different view beyond our stuckness. 

I am going to be afraid, Fear is my middle name . But, when I ask myself – what I would do, if I wasn’t afraid, and how would things look if I wasn’t afraid, I see a scene beyond my fear of the moment. Hence I can use that as a reference to choose different THIS MOMENT

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