Divine Timing

IMG_9036Blessings come in different forms. We are all familiar with the apparent ones. And then there are others; so painful, like a kick in the gut that leaves you down for quite a while. It is worse when it comes when you least expect it, rocking your world and turning it upside down.

Such was my experience meeting her, in the most awkwardest and painful of circumstances; for me. I wished I hadn’t met her, and I was sure that my presence brought her also a lot of angst. Yet we had to work together eventually, which at times felt like the blind leading the blind. Getting lost, stuck, frustrated, getting mad at ourselves and the circumstances. We were not here by choice. We were revealed to each other by chance.

Even though we eventually experienced a sense of camaraderie on some levels, we were still pained by each other’s presence as well as pain. I cannot speak for her, but for me, it was a harsh reminder to question myself, my perceptions,  and my assumptions. It also brought me up close and personal with my own insecurities and fears. And that was not a pretty discovery.

Slowly, as I began to see more of her, I truly wished we had met under different circumstances. Had it been so, I would have loved her, adored her, she would have been my tribe, my buddy, my pal. But not now. Not in this lifetime. We eventually parted as neither of us could find a way to relate beyond the circumstances that played cupid.

And there was silence…. for the longest time. It was the time to heal, time to be. Time to reflect and eventually also to be grateful. Grateful for her presence, that it was her and not someone else.. anyone else.

It is said that when we meet someone under challenging circumstances, we bypass the usual niceties to meet at a raw, deep space of no pretension or masks. How we show up under these circumstances really speaks for who we are at the core.

She and I had the privilege and honour of witnessing and holding space for each other under such circumstance, even though our journeys were different.. For sure there was the pain. But there was also love, authenticity, transparency, compassion, integrity, dignity and grace.

And then it dawned on me. We had been brought together by design. I saw the magic of it all, of how we meet the perfect people, under the  perfect circumstances at the perfect time.

Will our paths cross again?  It is all divine timing ! Will see


Sheena Yusuf
Life & Relationship Coach (CPCC)
Professional Photographer




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