A Car Story

Yet Another CAR Story!

I have exciting news! We have a brand new family car ! Its a Land Rover !

I don’t know much about cars, in fact I even get the names mixed up, and cannot differentiate a Land Rover from a Range Rover, it all sounds the same, but I was really excited to go for our first drive a little while ago tonight.

It is a new car after so many years, so this was indeed a special moment for us a family. We were pretty much acting like, we were in a car for the first time, wide eyed, open mouthed, huge smiles, excitedly exploring all the new features of this vehicle. Its has three sun roofs, beautiful leather upholstery, lots of controls on the wheel, the audio system can voice activated and the list goes on……

We were with our friends, Hafeel & Saya, with their children too. I thought about Lasheen, how excited he would have been about this new buy. We then began planning a long drive to somewhere, our first long trip in this new vehicle. We have done this a lot as a group, over the last few years. The time and space felt just perfect; clear empty roads, beautiful Indian music, sharing this joy with people closest to you.

Speaking of people closest to us, I feel that I have been generously blessed on that account. I have some amazing friends; these relationships are so deep that, they are family now. Lasheen had a beautiful quote to describe it, but I can’t remember the words now. It was something along the lines of

“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves”

Do you have friends whose home is open to you 24/7, who spoil you with gifts, who you can fight tooth and nail with and still get along perfect, who accept you for who you are, and who make amazing food? Who make you feel really special, whom you can absolutely count on, who pick you up when you fall, hold you when you feel low, who tell you the hardest truth?

I do, we do!

Two such friends are Hafeel and Saya. They had in fact taken us for a drive in THEIR NEW CAR ! This is how their special moments became our special moments too. It was a celebration of not just the new car, but a celebration of who they are as people, as our friends, most importantly, as our family.

The more accurate way to put it would be, “we are the friends they chose as family”

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